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Distribution of Succinic Semialdehyde Reductase in rat brain(GHB)

Frank Ferguson frankf at sierra.net
Fri Jun 27 21:55:01 EST 1997

Which strain of rats are you using?

And, at which period during the circadian rhythm are you
measuring monoamine enzymes?

Both of these factors have been published to show an 
influence on the conclusions that you are making.

Frank Ferguson


> M.C. 7 (1): 13-20 (Février 1997)
> Distribution of succinic semialdehyde reductase in rat brain
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Par:
> Li JE, Choi SY, Suk JW, Hong JW, Yoo BK, Choi EY, Jang SH, Park KA,
> Cho SW
> Département d'Anatomie, Université de Yonséï,Ecole de
> Médecine,Séoul,Corée
> Succinic semialdehyde reductase (SSR) that catalyzes the reduction of
> succinic semialdehyde (SSA) to gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) has been
> identified as one of the NADPH-dependent aldehyde reductases.
> Reduction of
> SSA to GHB strongly supports the proposal that GHB biosynthesis may be
> an
> important step in the GABA shunt. It is pharmacologically significant
> in
> anesthesia, evoking the state of sleep, and an increase in brain
> dopamine
> level. Monoclonal antibodies against bovine brain succinic
> semialdehyde
> reductase were produced. Using the anti-succinic semialdehyde
> reductase
> antibodies, we investigated the distribution of brain succinic
> semialdehyde
> reductase in rat brain. The brain tissues were sectioned with a basis
> on
> the rat brain atlas of Paxinos and were stained by the
> immunoperoxidase
> staining method using monoclonal antibodies. 
> In the section of the frontal lobe, immunoreactive cells were observed
> in the lateral septal area, the ventral pallidum, which belongs to the
> substantia innominata. We could observe immunoreactive cells in the
> reticular thalamic nucleus, which is closely related with "sleeping',
> the basal nuclei of Meynert, which is associated with Alzheimer's
> disease, and hypothalamic nuclei.
> Ces deux observations sont très intéressantes et méritent des études
> précises chez les Mammifères supérieurs.
> Immunoreactive cells were also shown in raphe nuclei or the reticular
> formation
> Egalement à suivre!
> of the midbrain, cerebellum, and inferior olivary nuclei of the
> medulla oblongata. Succinic semialdehyde reductase-immunoreactive
> cells
> were distributed extensively in rat brain, especially immunoreactive
> cells
> were strongly observed in the areas associated with the limbic system
> and
> reticular formation.
> Ce travail implique des travaux beaucoup plus considérables car il
> ouvre des portes nouvelles quant au pourquoi des récepteurs au
> gamma-hydroxybutyrate.Remarquons les distributions ici indiquées.

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