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Diane Pritchatt diane at bnclib.demon.co.uk
Mon Jun 16 04:42:08 EST 1997

I wonder if anyone out there can help me.  I am really suffering at the
moment and feel awful and vile.

I have been on anti depressants for appx 7 years - Seroxat (SSRI) for
the last 3 years.

I also had severe bleeding and menstrual pain 8 years ago and had a D&C
followed by going on the Pill for 7 years.

I am now off both these things.  I am still continuing my
asthma drugs, and IBS drugs however, which still plague me daily.  I
suffer severe neck pain, which has been diagnosed as a form of
trigeminal problem, and take morphine ONLY SOMETIMES when the pain gets
really unbearable  I am NOT addicted.  I use them on average about every
8 weeks for about 1-2 days when my pain gets unbearable. Then I have to
be in bed 2-3 days as I cannot move my head or stand up.  Now my ankles
have swollen, and I have achilles tndonitis.  I was having physio, but
the pain is worse at present, and I have been given exercises to do that
I feel too unwell to attempt most days.  I am trying not to take pain
killers, as this would defeat the object of withdrawing medications.

I understand the rections to coming off the Pill.  I am having all the
symptoms of the menopause even tho' not yet really considered old

Hot sweats, amenorrhea.

Since reducing the Seroxat I am feeling terrible on top of the
menopausal symptoms.  I feel like I have 'electric' shocks in my head,
like small split second epileptic 'bursts'.  I feel dizzy and unsteady.
My eyes sometimes go in and out of focus.   I keep on
crying,  tears spring up and streak down my face.  This
happens especially if I am in church, or even just talking to people -
at work for instance.  I even cried in a shop on Saturday, because I was
talking to the assistant. 
I feel this has definietly got something to do with the electric shock
feelings in my head. It is very embarrassing to cry like this for no
apparent reason.  I feel all my guts screw up and then the tears start,
mid conversation.  It is worse when I get really tired, like now, as I
have less capacity to control it.

I have practically crawled up the drive to work today. My ankles are all
swollen up and my knee feels like it is 'popping out', with pain all
round the back of my joint, too.  I have had
quite some time off due to my other illnesses, and will get in trouble
if I have any more.  I also smashed my car in February and 'did' my
neck, and was off for 2 weeks.  I feel that was due in part to feeling
so unwell, and my sister was in hospital.  I tried to visit her every
day after work, and then I ended up in such a state I crashed the car.
Most people could do the extra things that I can't do.  Why am I so
exhausted and so useless that only one extra thing makes me break into
pieces?  Only one hour later to bed on Saturday night, and I felt like
killing myself on Sunday, just to have it all stop. I just wanted to go
somewhere where nobody knew I was, and sleep for a week.  

Can anyone tell me what part of the brain governs crying?  I am sure
that withdrawing the tablets has triggered something in my head, I can
'feel' it.  I want to control it all.  What can I do?
Shoshanna Dee

Diane Pritchatt

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