How can an engineer learn from neuroscientists

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Sat Mar 1 22:40:44 EST 1997

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Arruza] writes: 
>I joined the New York Academy od Sciences, because membership permits
>to get books (annals-this word makes me very unconfortable <G>)
>by neuroscientists. Are there more groups of computational
>(like Carver Mead's - California Institute of Technology) OR are there
>neuroscientists working with electrical engineers? What do they
>Any other societies that could be interesting to me?
>There is a huge void between the engineering disciplines and the
>and we all lose.
>Bernie Arruza.
>Boca Raton, Fl USA

Have you checked out the Academy's website? Among other things, it
gives instructions on how to propose Academy-sponsored conferences,
which will eventually be reported in Annals.

Do you KNOW of engineers who could collaborate with neuroscientists in
organizing such a conference?  Put bugs in their ears...

Frank LeFever
Vice-chair, Linguistics Section, NYAS
(past-Chair & current member of
 Advisory Committee, Psychology Section)

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