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Dear Michael:  Maybe you just don't understand what the Metzenbaum bill is
saying.  Because aspartame is a drug it interacts with other drugs so
Senator Metzenbaum wanted independent studies done with regard to this
problem, and notice the word alpha-methyl-dopa.  Parkinson patients take
L-dopa and since aspartame changes the dopamine level of the brain there
are serious problems.  On page 5 of the bill Senator Metzenbaum listed
these problems and that he wanted studies on them.  Here are the ones he

from page 5:

(1) the effect of the consumption of aspartame on brain chemistry
(2)  the health effects of the consumption of aspartame on pregnant women
and fetuses.
(3) behavioral and neurological effects experienced by individuals who have
consumed aspartame, especially children who have consume aspartame.
(4) the interaction of aspartame with drugs, including monoamine oxidase
inhibits, alpha-methyl-dopa and L-dihydroxphenylalanine and
(5) the effect of the consumption of aspartame in increasing he
probability of seizures.

To help you understand further I will quote from Dr. H. J. Roberts book
ASPARTAME  ( NUTRASWEET) IS IT SAFE?  , on these points.

Page 112:  "Aspartame or its components and breakdown products
(metabolites) may cause changes in the brain comparable to those that
appear to initiate or aggravate Parkinsonism.  This is especially
applicable to dopamine, a neurotransmitter whose concentration is reduced
in Parkinsonism.  Shabin and Albert (1988) indicated that patients with
Parkinsonism" .. appear to be more prone to aspartame's neurological
adverse effects."

A few of the changes in dopamine and serotonin concentrations within the
brain induced by aspartame, phenylalanine and aspartic acid are listed.

Phenylalanine is converted to tyrosine by the enzyme phenylalanine
hydroxlase.  Tyrosine undergoes a change to dihydroxyphenylalanine
(levodopa, L-DOPA), which then is transformed to dopamine.

The chronic administration of excess phenylalanine and aspartic acid tends
to decrease serotonin and other neurotransmitters within several regions
of the brain, and may alter dopamine receptors in certain brain cells.

Crippling fluctuations in the motor performance of patients with
Parkinsonism who are treated with levodopa have been improved by
eliminating protein from their breakfast and lunch.  Pincus et al (l986,
l987) demonstrated a close correlation between elevated levels of the
large neutral amino acids and aggravated symptoms of Parkinsonism,
notwithstanding high plasma levodopa concentrations.  These motor
fluctuations improved when the amino acid levels declined.  Such
antagonism of levodopa's action by protein and amino acids probably
reflects interference with its transport across the blood brain barrier."

Now you have it as it appears on the bill and from Dr. Roberts discussing
the Aspartame-Parkinson's connection in his book.  And, incidently, this
is how I first found out how deadly aspartame is.  A friend of mine was
just diagnosed with Parkinson Disease.  With a medical background I knew
you don't get it one day and die the next and this man appeared to be
dying.  He couldn't remember, and he found it hard to form words to even
speak.  He looked like a toy soldier out of control with his arms and legs
kicking out.  I had just had a doctor from California as a guest who told
me the methanol in aspartame turns to formaldehyde and that it was a
poison, so I asked Dick if he was on it.  His answer was "all day long"!  I
told him to get off of it and asked to be referred to the top expert on
aspartame and was referred to DR. H. J. Roberts, the author of this book.
Dr. Roberts said: "Get him off of aspartame right away, it changes the
dopamine level of the brain and can kill him.  Aspartame is a drug.""  I
saw Dick about a week later after he got off aspartame and he had no
tremors of any kind and was fine.  He appeared normal to me and could
again speak.  It was Dr. Roberts who told me that aspartame changes brain
chemistry before I ever did my own research and read the Metzenbaum bill.

Under the heading of Aspartame as a Drug, Dr. Roberts explains that it has
significant biological effects.  But classified as a drug  manufacturers,
packagers and distributors would be required to report "serious and
unexpected" adverse reactions and any significant increase in the frequency
of expected or serious reactions within 15 working days.  You can
understand why the manufacturer wanted it classified as an additive so it
would require no safety monitoring.  But it doesn't change the fact that
it is a drug.  In fact, just yesterday I picked up a generic drug book,
sort of like the PDR, but information that is generic.  And there was
aspartame, as a drug, but with mention that not for prescribing.  Who
would want to prescribe a neurotoxin.  It was originally intended to be a
drug  But if you read the history of aspartame and how they hid the facts,
etc.  you would understand.  After all the original studies were a target
for an indictment for fraud that was not carried out when the U.S.
Attorney switched sides and went to work for the law firm of the
manufacturer defending the case.  60 Minutes brought out that only
manufacturer sponsored studies were said to be safe but independent
studies of which there were 90, had 83 of them showing problems.  An
article that appeared in a paper out west called the Star Tribune just did
a story on the extent the manufacturer went to not to have these studies
done over.  And when Senator Metzenbaum wrote this bill so a moratorium
would be put on aspartame and independent studies would be done regarding
these problems by NIH, Monsanto used heavy lobbyinging to prevent this
bill from ever getting out of committee.

Yes, I agree, everybody read the bill in its entirety.  I think of the
letter that Joyce Wilson wrote Senator Metzenbaum.  She said: "It's too
late for me, please help others."  And in l990 Joyce Wilson died from
NutraSweet, blind, like an Alzheimer patient with no memory.  I
interviewed her husband, Richard who said, we scattered her ashes in the
Atlantic.  Her only regret he said on her work to warn the world was that
when she got people off aspartame and they returned to useful, healthy
lives, they didn't warn others.  For this reason we distribute a warning
flyer worldwide and ask that it be copied.  

Dr. Roberts over a year ago, and after 30 years of research on Alzheimers,
wrote Defense Against Alzheimers Disease (1 800 -814-9800) again
explaining what aspartame does to the brain and how it is escalating this
disease.  He also goes into other problems that cause Alzheimers but very
well explains what aspartame does to brain chemistry.  

Soon to be published is ASPARTAME DISEASE, a medical text, alerting the
world of the epidemic nightmare of the problems with this toxin now
classed as a disease.  

I hope this brings clear understanding to the neurotoxic potential of
aspartame.  Dave Rietz' web page connects to 29 other web pages on the
dangers of aspartame including Mark Golds, the largest and Dr. Roberts web
page of publications.  Anyone interested in these neurological problems
should research further.  Aspartame Disease is indeed deadly!


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On 3 Mar 1997, Michael J. Roth wrote:

> Betty Martini <betty at> wrote:
> > Notice in Senator Metzenbaum's bill the mention that aspartame changes
> the
> > dopamine level of the brain, and that it is a drug that interacts with
> > other drugs. 
> Betty knows you won't bother to check the text of the Metzenbaum bill, but
> I did.  It does not contain the word "dopamine."  It does not say that
> aspartame is a drug.  
> Judge for yourself whether to believe anything she says.  
> Mike

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