Prion diseases : similarities?

Tim Fitzmaurice tjf11 at
Tue Mar 4 04:20:01 EST 1997

On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, Robert J. Wall wrote:
> In article <3312A4AB.40D3 at>, Nigel Kenward
> <mbxnjk at> wrote:
> >Betty Martini wrote:
> >Dr. Hulse who wrote the book is probably the world expert on the subject
> >Really ? I'd put my money on Prof. Prusiner if I was looking for world
> >renown on the subject of prions !
> Hmmm - I think Dr. Prusiner has on occasion been less than objective about
> his theories.  Someone else, and I have to admit I am not familiar with Dr.
> Hulse, may be a more objective judge.

THere is no prion work in the BIDS database by anyone called Hulse, from
1980 onward. I scanned solely by author name.


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