tactile stim in infants

Laura J Miller ljmiller at iquest.net
Mon Mar 3 23:25:15 EST 1997

I have read in several psychology books that tactile
stimulation in infants (ie lots of skin to skin
contact/holding/massages etc) causes "certain
hormones" to be released resulting in increased
growth, maturation, and/or alertness.  However,
I have not been able to find any reference to the
"certain hormones" in Medline.  Maybe I'm just
being biased in thinking that this info should be
in Medline and not the psychlit (I'm only a graduate
student and I'm already starting to be elitist-ohno ;),
but does anyone know of anything?  Does it increase GH
release or something along those lines?  Also, what
could the connection be to increased alertness?  I'm
not sure what parameter would be responsible for this
in infants.


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