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> With the cloning of mammals as the worlds hottest new topic, I would
> like to know what a group such as this thinks of the ability of a
> replicated mind?  For example, would a clone of Einstein share the
> same mental capacity as Mr. Einstein himself?  Theoretically, the
> physiological activity of the brain would be identical

I'm not sure what theory would claim that "the physiological activity of
the brain would be identical". The genetic material available for the
organization of brain development would be the same, but the
physiological activity of the mature brain and, indeed, its development
to a considerable degree, are dependent on environmental stimuli that
are not genetic. In short, the Einstein clone would have Einstein's
genes, but not his brain and therefore presumably not his mind.

> but would the
> clone necessarily be as intelligent, and perhaps more importantly
> as creative or innovative?

Do you know any pairs of identical twins (natural clones)? Do you think
they're equally intelligent/creative/innovative?

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