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timmck timmck at
Mon Mar 3 20:51:10 EST 1997

Gunnar Wrobel wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I am searching for groups that are trying to connect nerve tissue
> with electronic circuits in order to allow a direct control of limb
> replacements with the brain or to replace lost sensory functions. As
> far as I know there exist a few projects in Germany but I did not
> find any address via the internet. Is there anyone who knows people
> working in this field or a related topic around the world?
> Thanks in advance...
> Gunnar Wrobel
> 4, rue d'Obernai
> F-67000 Strasbourg

I read a few months ago in Wired magazine about a team in Germany at the
Max Planck Institute. The project was lead by Dr. Peter Fromherz, and
they were joining leech neurons with electronic circuitry. The article
concluded that the work is in vitro, and the true challenge is to be
able to join neurons by electronic curcuitry in a biological environment
that will not reject it. I did a medline search and found some cool
article abstracts. Good luck - this is some fascinating stuff!!!

J. Tim McKenna
Florida Atlantic University
Department of Psychology

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