Recent "memory molecules" announcement??

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J.N.Browndyke wrote:
> On 5 Mar 1997 16:53:39 -0800, rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU (Ron Blue) wrote:
> >On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, Robert Cook wrote:
> >> Did anyone out there see or hear about an announcement during the last
> >> week in February by an (English?) scientist about some kind of
> >> breakthrough in the field of "memory molecules"? I'm not asking for a
> >> technical breakdown of the discovery, just 1.Did it happen, 2.Who did
> >> it and 3.Where? If you've seen anything along these lines, *please*
> >> drop me an email as listed below. Thank you.
> >> Robert M. Cook
> >> cook at
> >>
> >Yes, I remember reading about something like this I believe in The
> >Scientist some time in the last two weeks.  Sorry, I can not help
> >you better.  Ron
> I remember seeing the report.  From what I remember, the molecule was
> called CAMP (no, not cyclic AMP, I think?) and was released from the
> soma and traveled to synaptic connections to strengthen bonds between
> communicating axons.  What I found most interesting was the assertion
> that the CAMP molecules take about an hour to regenerate and send more
> strengthening stuff to the synapse, and the assertion was that this
> may account for the fact that distributed practice is better than
> massed practice in learning paradigms.
> I believe I saw this report on the primetime CBS news about a week and
> half ago.
> Hope this helps,
> Jeff Browndyke

I think

contains The Scientist article Ron Blue referred to.

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