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>On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, Robert Cook wrote:
>> Did anyone out there see or hear about an announcement during the last
>> week in February by an (English?) scientist about some kind of
>> breakthrough in the field of "memory molecules"? I'm not asking for a
>> technical breakdown of the discovery, just 1.Did it happen, 2.Who did
>> it and 3.Where? If you've seen anything along these lines, *please*
>> drop me an email as listed below. Thank you.
>> Robert M. Cook
>> cook at
>Yes, I remember reading about something like this I believe in The
>Scientist some time in the last two weeks.  Sorry, I can not help
>you better.  Ron

I remember seeing the report.  From what I remember, the molecule was
called CAMP (no, not cyclic AMP, I think?) and was released from the
soma and traveled to synaptic connections to strengthen bonds between
communicating axons.  What I found most interesting was the assertion
that the CAMP molecules take about an hour to regenerate and send more
strengthening stuff to the synapse, and the assertion was that this
may account for the fact that distributed practice is better than
massed practice in learning paradigms.

I believe I saw this report on the primetime CBS news about a week and
half ago.

Hope this helps,
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