Fenfluramine a Neurotoxin?

David Longley David at longley.demon.co.uk
Thu Mar 6 22:08:17 EST 1997

BBC-2  in the UK has just screened a program on obesity.  In  the 
second half, they had a neuroscientist claiming that fenfluramine  
was  a  known neurotoxin, and that it was used in  fact  8as*  as 
neurotoxin by researchers. They then showed some photomicrographs 
of 5-HT neurone (immunoreactivity?, fluroreactivity?) in the  rat 
brain  showing a very sparse density in the fenfluramine  treated 
animals compared to controls.

It's 15 years since I did work on monoamines, 6-OHDA, DSP-4, 5-7-
DHT  etc  and  the monoamines, but back  then,  fenfluramine  was 
regarded   as  a  5-HT  analogue  of  the  catecholamine   active 

Things  may have radically changed, but is it not the  case  that 
the  observed  "depletions" may be just that?  depleted  neurones 
because of enhanced turnover in the treated animals?

David Longley

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