Recent "memory molecules" announcement??

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Thu Mar 6 21:59:28 EST 1997

In <5fkini$h32$1 at>, cook at (Robert Cook) writes:
>Did anyone out there see or hear about an announcement during the last
>week in February by an (English?) scientist about some kind of
>breakthrough in the field of "memory molecules"? I'm not asking for a
>technical breakdown of the discovery, just 1.Did it happen, 2.Who did
>it and 3.Where? If you've seen anything along these lines, *please*
>drop me an email as listed below. Thank you.
>Robert M. Cook
>cook at

I sure hope we are talking about the same thing :-)

A magnet-molecule could be described as a memory-molecule.

(I think it was announced around the end of January)
Researches from Xerox Corp, City College of New York and
University of Spain (habla espan~ol?) were able to create
a magnet that was one molecule in size (I don't remember
the atoms involved but I recall that the announcement
mentioned something about vinegar. If you can't find the
info, send me a note and I'll dig it out.

Bernie Arruza.
Boca Raton, Fl USA

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