Psychological Concepts and Neuroscience

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Subject: 	Psychological Concepts and Neuroscience

Is it possible to deduce psychological concepts from neuroscientific
studies, esp. those dealing with single-neuron experiments?
In the reverse instance, can psychological concepts be applied to
neural mechanisms?  Especially, I have in mind Jungian Psychology,
and the concepts of the 'archetype' and the 'collective unconscious'.
Is there any neuroscientific literature dealing with this aspect?
--  Christian
     Yes to both of your questions.  Science is a collective effort.
     Information that lives on and is repeated would be considered
     to be in the zeitgeist.  While it is still to early to know for
     sure, I feel Correlational Opponent-Processing meets both of
     your criteria.  If you want the paper ask for at
     Ron Blue


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