Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Explosive Behavior

SamNets samnets at aol.com
Sun Mar 9 08:57:29 EST 1997

Male, 10, presents with sudden, automatic explosive episodes (running away
and limited force used to support flight).  Always happens after shame
incidents.  Child reports clear recall of events but does not PLAN flight.
 Expresses remorse for results of behavior but is distant from act itself.
Otherwise, child may have right hemisphere deficit.  High IQ (130+
Verbal), large gaps on Halstead-Reitan (107 Performance, 85 Visuo/Spatial
-- 4 std. dev.).
Does this profile seem to match TLE with LD?  Outside of sleep-deprived
EEG, what other measures ought to be applied (clean MRI, apparently; 2d
Thanks for help.
Sam Leven, Ph. D.

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