Question: Abnormal EEG

Fiona Wilkes fiona.wilkes at
Mon Mar 10 19:29:33 EST 1997

Knowing little about EEG reports, I was wondering if someone could make
suggestions as to what the following could indicate :

-Post central 9-11CPS alpha of high amplitude occuring in well developed
spindles over both hemispheres and blocks in visual attention.
-Low voltage background fast activity during resting record.
-During resting record and more so on overbreathing, episodic bursts of
bilateral high voltage 3-4CPS slow wave activity coming more prominently
from the left hemisphere
-Photic stimulation evokes no change.

The owner of this EEG has a history of "blackouts", not always losing
consciousness. No drug or alcohol abuse and a normal CT.

What do you think?


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