Brain, Nervous System System Models

junior1 at[Bernie Arruza] junior1 at[Bernie Arruza]
Mon Mar 10 23:14:57 EST 1997

Are there any books on electrical, electronic.
electromechanical, software models of
brain/nervous system functions?.

I'm reading a paper "Electromechanical Analogs
of Human Reflexes" Littman, Liker, Stubbeman,
Russakow, and McGee

I find that as an engineer, I'm very interested
in figuring out what types of papers (on models)
are "accepted" by the neuroscientific community, and
why (presentation of assumptions, acknowledgements,
description of methodology, conclusions).

Acknowledgements. I have noticed that the people
writing papers put a lot of effort in describing
work that was previously done (names/details). In
engineering papers those details are, for the most
part, provided as references at the end of the paper.
is this a matter of etiquette?.

The few paper that I have read, don't bother explaining
the design decisions behind the selection of the components
used in the model, but rather they concentrate on the
function the model is attempting to duplicate and the end
result of using the model.

Bernie Arruza.
Boca Raton, Fl USA

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