Brain, Nervous System System Models

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Tue Mar 11 04:18:27 EST 1997

junior1 at  [Bernie Arruza] writes:

>Are there any books on electrical, electronic.
>electromechanical, software models of
>brain/nervous system functions?.

Good grief, yes.  You need to do a literature search.  Just for
starters, check out the journal Neural Computation.  There are
several books on modeling real neural networks -- one that springs
to mind is by Christof Koch (and Idan Segev?), and a book by Ronald


>Acknowledgements. I have noticed that the people
>writing papers put a lot of effort in describing
>work that was previously done (names/details). In
>engineering papers those details are, for the most
>part, provided as references at the end of the paper.
>is this a matter of etiquette?.

I'm not familiar with engineering papers, but I would guess
that the difference in style is that in engineering, the work
that was already done is accepted, while in such a new field
as neural modeling, there are disagreements on even the basics.


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