Brain Capacity?

Bill Skaggs skaggs at
Tue Mar 11 11:00:40 EST 1997

gord at (G K GRAY) writes:
> To ask the question expecting an answer expressed in Megabytes &c is
> barking up the wrong tree since the term refers to
> quantities/magnitudes expressed by a *digital* number system. As
> most information reaching the brain is expressing quantitative
> information - intensity of light falling on optic receptors &c, in
> terms of continuously variable *frequencies* of pulse recurrence,
> "megabytes" are irrelevant. 

Information can be quantified in an analog system as clearly as in a
digital system.  So long as there is noise in the system, the amount
of information is finite and can be measured.  In fact, the earliest
work on information theory was done by Claude Shannon, who was
interested in measuring the amount of information that could be
carried by telephone lines, which, at least in those days, were
certainly analog rather than digital.

	-- Bill Skaggs

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