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>> I am trying to locate any information on growing neurons on circuit boards,
>> or grafting them. Also linking humans direct to machines via nerves etc.
>> Anything to do with AI and transfer of personalities to hardware etc. Any
>> starting points would be greatly appreciated. (this is for a disertation
>> for my brother so forgive me for the lack of technical knowledge)
>> spencer at
>I read in the August, 1996 issue of Wired magazine about a Dr. Peter
>Fromherz, at the Max Planck Institue in Germany who had successfully
>connected leech neurons using a transistor (or was it resistor?). This
>seems to be the most advanced stuff out there concerning your question
>(if I am wrong about this, please post it up on this newsgroup - I love
>this topic). This is being done in vitro though - the article speculates
>that proteins will interfere with the transistor, so in vivo has not
>been suceeded yet. I checked out his web page (find him by putting his
>name in quotes on Webcrawler, and look for Max Planck listings). The
>articles I have so far stumbled upon (either through his web site or
>Medline) are quite interesting, and I am fascinated by the eventual
>implications of this work (spinal cord reconstruction, etc.). Hope this
>J. Tim McKenna
>Florida Atlantic University
>Dept. of Psychology

Another reference:
IEEE Spectrum Magazine (May 1996)
"Toward an Artificial Eye"
Featuring articles:
 - Toward an artificial eye
 - The computational eye
 - Neuromorphic vision chips
 - Ocular implants for the blind
 - Cortical implants for the blind
 - Learning to see.

 Last week there was also a week long documentary. I think
on the Learning Channel (TLC). Mon through Fri at 10:00 PM
(I think). Hosted by one of the characters from the X-Files,
the Thursday show was all about the future of biological
implants (eyes, limbs,...). I don't recall the title. Sorry.

Bernie Arruza.
Boca Raton, Fl USA

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