Serial lesions, ischemic preconditioning, etc.

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What--no replies at all??  Soomebody, somewhere must know of SOMETHING!


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>The serial lesion paradigm (e.g. as described in the Finger & Stein
>book on recovery from brain trauma a few years ago) typically involves
>a first and second lesion separated by rather short intervals--e.g.
>hours, days, at most 2-3 weeks.  Ditto ischemic preconditioning:
>resistance to a second ischemic event relatively soon after the first
>Does anyone know of studies (published, unpublished, old or still in
>progress) of "conditioning" or "priming" lesions followed MUCH, MUCH
>later than a second lesion?
>I know, of course of "experiments of nature", in which humans
>a second concussion years after the first typically have more (rather
>than less) severe symptoms than one might otherwise expect.  I am
>looking for animal studies.
>I'm not fussy: I'll gladly accept studies with analyses at ANY level:
>behavioral, neurochemical, histological, etc.
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