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J. Tim McKenna Timmck at
Tue Mar 11 16:07:26 EST 1997

Check out Dr. PGunnar Wrobel wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I am searching for groups that are trying to connect nerve tissue
> with electronic circuits in order to allow a direct control of limb
> replacements with the brain or to replace lost sensory functions. As
> far as I know there exist a few projects in Germany but I did not
> find any address via the internet. Is there anyone who knows people
> working in this field or a related topic around the world?
> Thanks in advance...
> Gunnar Wrobel
> 4, rue d'Obernai
> F-67000 Strasbourg
Dr. Peter Fromherz's department home page:
In German and English

Hope it helps!!!

J. Tim McKenna
Florida Atlantic University
Dept. of Psychology

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