Looking for digitized brain slices

J. Tim McKenna Timmck at fau.campus.mci.net
Mon Mar 10 14:03:07 EST 1997

I think you may be refering to the Visible Man project. I found the link
a while back through NIH. As well, I have seen some condensed forms of
this project on CD-Rom. Lastly, do a Web search - the project is on the
web, where you tell the coordinates to the web page, and it comes back
with color coronal brain sections. I would suggest any Web Search Engine
to find this. Good luck,

J. Tim McKenna
Florida Atlantic University
Dept. of Psychology

PVanvalken wrote:
> I recall that in the past few years an entire cadaver was frozen and
> sliced every mm or so and each slice stored digitally.  Does anyone know
> where to access that information?

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