Serial lesions, heat shock proteins

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>These effects are covered in the heat shock protein literature also. 
>lab has seen a similar effect after alcohol administration in rat
>Beware though, there are several different kinds of heat shock
>but they are somehow involved in (or a result of?) the protective

I would be inerested in seing your studies--IF you are looking at
LONG-RANGE effects!

My main focus, however, is in brain trauma (closed head injury,
concussion), and in this literature it appears that the 70kD kind
(possibly 72kD?) predominates--or possibly is mainly looked for.

As with c-fos, c-jun etc. (and with FOS & JUN proteins), published work
so far is based simply on (1) identification or detection after trauma,
at periods of 1-2 hours to 1-2 days (maybe 1-2 weeks, FOS or JUN
proteins?) and (2) speculation about function.  I'm hoping to learn of
results of the next stage, i.e. chronic outcomes of any IEG or HSP
activation vs. lack of activation.

There are the findings of failure to express these substances by cells
dooomed to die; but what of differences between surviving cells that do
or do not express them?

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