Question: Abnormal EEG

Ronald Blue rcb5 at MSN.COM
Wed Mar 12 22:22:56 EST 1997

In <fiona.wilkes-1103971029330001 at>
fiona.wilkes at (Fiona Wilkes) writes: 
>bilateral high voltage 3-4CPS slow wave activity coming more
>from the left hemisphere
>-Photic stimulation evokes no change.
>The owner of this EEG has a history of "blackouts", not always losing
>consciousness. No drug or alcohol abuse and a normal CT.
>What do you think?
Well this creates problems for my model.  I had suggested that
brainwave entrainment of 4 hertz could be used to prevent
consciousness during surgery.  Another idea in trouble, oh well
this is nature of the process isn't it.  Ron Blue

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