ADD and phosphatidylserine w/DMAE

Kim Marcie Cowling kcowling at
Thu Mar 13 12:14:52 EST 1997

Has anyone heard of treating ADD with phosphatidylserine with DMAE?  I 
know that phosphatidylserine can be purchased at health food stores, but 
with out DMAE<---(Does anybody know what that stands for?)  Is the 
treatment effective?  Is DMAE necessary?  Does the combination require a 
prescription?  Are there any scienfic studyies about ADD and 
phosphatidylserine as a treatment?  I searched a down-scale version of 
Medline and found nothing?

If you have any ideas, please respond to my email:  kcowling at

Thanks for any help!
Neenah, WI

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