How can an engineer learn from neuroscientists

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Fri Mar 14 01:13:24 EST 1997

In <5g7ih9$ih at>, kspencer at (Kevin Spencer) writes:
>nutty at brain (Madhusudan Natarajan) writes:
>>Thats the reason why a truly interdepartmental program needs people who do
>>everything and not a collection of people who can collectively do the same
>>thing. What we need is true integration of various disciplines (engineers
>>IN neuroscience) and not different specialists working together (engineers
>>AND neuroscientists).
>Maybe I lost part of the argument here -- why exactly do engineers and
>neuroscientists need to work together?  The only people I hear calling for
>this "integration" are engineers who want to figure out the brain.  That
>is in fact what neuroscience is about.  How about if all the engineers
>who want to figure out the brain (and I've met quite a few) become neuro-
Then they will stop being engineers, won't they :-). Looks
like we are back where we started. I hope we concentrate
on the rule more than the exception. Dropping your career
as an engineer and going back to school to study neurosciences
is not that easy. The problem, and I would hope you both
agree, is that there is a desperate need for a new discipline.
Universities need to come up with a new breed of individuals
that are comfortable with being engineuroscientists (please,
quote me on this one and quote me frequently <G>)

The closest thing that comes to mind is a biomedical engineer,
but s/he would probably too focused on medical instrumentation,
and would not be able to operate on a frog (I'm probably
exaggerating a bit).

Bernie Arruza.
Boca Raton, Fl USA

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