Can Applet flickering elicit epileptic attacks? (and screen dancing too?)

Philippe Schweizer Philippe.Schweizer at
Fri Mar 14 02:24:08 EST 1997

     Dear Sir,

I follow the news group since a while, and 
this subject retain my attention.

I work in a office close to a main railway line which is 
electrified. All our computer monitors, indepedantly of the 
monitor brand or the computer type) are swinging. The 
amplitude of the swing varies during the day, and is 
dependent of the monitor orientation respective to the 
railway. At some times the move of the image on the screen 
making reading of character barely possible. 

It took us a long time to be conscient of the phenomena and 
more to indentify its source. Many of my colleagues strongly 
complain about the nuisance. I am myslef very tired after 
work and my viewing capacity is not affected (as I believe, I 
have made no viewing test), but I see the thing fuzzy after 

To solve the problem, the only way seems to buy a shielding 
device which is quite as expensive as a high-end portable PC.
Naturally, we have not got such a device.

I am trying to contact the railway company to see if the have 
some low cost solution to propose. Here this perturpation is 
big because a side the two contact line, there are also 
electric poles which serve to provide the electricity for the 
whole 40 miles of that heavy railway line section.

Have you already heard about similar perturbations problems.

Best regards

  Philippe Schweizer

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