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Here is a mail from Jiangsu Province (naricom at public1.ptt.js.cn):

Ladies and gentlemen:

My name is Jiang Tao. I am an undergraduate of Nanjing University in
China. I have been found to be attacked by the multiple endochndromatosis 
and multiple capillary hemangioma (Oller's disease) for over 18 years.
In these last years, the tumors spread continually. Now they have grown
into intracranial part and have pressed upon the second and the fourth
nerves on both sides of the ephippium that make me lie in danger. So far,
I have had some operations including reshaping, sclerosing agent
injection and laser therapy on legs, arms, circumanal, abdomen and
so on, but no treatments for the encephalic tumors have been performed. I
wish I could get some help from you. I agree to accept any effective
therapy or experiment.

Maybe I would become an excellent mathematician if the treatment took
effects, or contribute myself to the medical research.

Thank you for your trouble and please write to: 

  Prof. Jiang Wenkai
  Jiangsu Research Institute of Sports Science
  Nanjing , 210014
  or FAX:(0086)025-4446864

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