Can Applet flickering elicit epileptic attacks?

Brian Jonnes jonnes at
Sat Mar 15 11:36:47 EST 1997

In <5ga84a$oda at>, patcar at (Pat
Caruthers) wrote:

>a new set of questions.
>a whole new set of potential legal pit falls....gee, thanks.

AAARRGG! People should be responsible for themselves. People with
photo-epilepsy should know that they should be careful of computers, just
like someone with poor eyes should be careful of cars.

Are we, as developers, supposed to think of EVERYTHING. Say someone has
mouse-click-three-times-ophobia. They get to our site, it tells them to
triple click, and they have to go to psycho-therapy for the next three
years. Are WE supposed to be responsible for that? Should WE be paying them
for their therapy? I think not.

I'm NOT trying to put anyone down. I can't stress this enough. Its just
that you can't make developers responsible for ALL eventualities.

If I see an applet which doesn't over-ride the update() method, I want to
throw my monitor across the room. But I don't have to. I just hit the left



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