graduate studies in neuroscience

mike chesney mchesney at
Sat Mar 15 22:13:35 EST 1997

	I'm an undergraduate majoring in chemical engineering (I will be 
graduating in December).  However, I am seriously considering making a 
significant change in career plans--I am thinking about going to 
graduate school to study neuroscience.  Quite honestly, I don't know much 
about the field, but I have always been interested in the brain and learning. 
I would like to do research studying the brain and the physical basis for 
	Can anyone offer suggestions/recommendations about making the 
transition from chemical engineering to neuroscience?   Or advice 
about which graduate programs I should consider?  I'd like to have a 
better idea of what I am getting in to by doing this.    

I really need the advice of knowledgeable people.  Please share your insight.

Mike Chesney

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