THE WAR ON GAMMA-OH (gamma-hydroxybutyrate)

Claude de Contrecoeur* cyrano at
Thu Mar 13 19:04:21 EST 1997

Dear Claude,

Please forgive my delay in writing, this has been a challenging
Let me give you an update.  Where to begin....?  I've been reading
the material you sent.  Also, I've been researching what has been
place, trying to track down the goals of those involved in the
Two facts have been colliding inside of me which created a tumult or a
challenge which ranks perhaps in the top five of the challenges I've
experienced in this lifetime.  The first fact is the universal
nature of Gamma-OH(GHB).  The enormity of what it offers to mankind is
the most
astounding element to encounter.  Clearly there is a potential to use
it to
substantially reduce rates of alcoholism, drug addiction and
These three benefits alone cause it to rank as perhaps one of the
discoveries of all time.   Yet, as you have pointed out, it does more,
more.  So the first fact is, Gamma-O is a substance of such potential
benefit that many call it a miracle substance.

The second fact, which has been in collision with the first, is the
in which the US Government has thus far attempted to prevent the
from gaining a general knowledge about Gamma-O and its benefits.
Exceptional efforts have been taken to promote a picture contrary to
truth.  The motive for this contrary movement has yet to be precisely
"nailed down" and determined (for public examination).  As far as
for efforts at misinformation, it appears there are likely two primary
motives of a financial nature and a third possible public relations
to prevent a scandal.  (not to mention the likely underlying moral
objections to pleasure and happiness which you have well conveyed).

One can see the obvious motive to prevent a loss of revenue for
pharmaceutical companies who may legitimattely fear Gamma-O could and
be used in place of current less effective products.  Secondly, and
motive needs to be investigated fully, is again financial.  There are
patents" which have been applied for and granted for the use of
Gamma-O.  I
have yet to find out just what they are.  But let us GUESS for the
that the 15 Investigational New Drug applications which have been made
the FDA ... let us guess they each involve a "use patent".  If this is
case, then let us consider one of the IND's as an example.  One of the
is for treating hyper-activity and learning disabilities in children,
which the drug of choice for a number of years has been Ritalin.  Let
suppose the company or individuals behind the IND application have a
patent" for this treatment.  "Use patents" have a limited ability to
collect royalties under certain circumstances.  For example, suppose
someone sought and gained a "'use patent" for aspirin's use in low
dose to
prevent heart attack.  In such a case, the owner of the patent would
never gain any revenue from the patent because aspirin is so readily
available, they owners of the patent could not enforce it.  The same
principle would apply to Gamma-O.  If it were readily available, then
would be very difficult to enforce a use patent.  If, however, Gamma-O
to be placed into a highly dangerous category of a Schedule II, or III
"controlled substance"; then profitability could enter the picture
easily.   A Schedule II or III controlled substance in the US is an
drug to have in one's possession without a doctor's prescription.  The
penalty for possession is prison.  If Gamma-O were  given such a
classification, then a "use patent" could be enforced and royalties
be collected.

It will take some time to determine all the facts, but it would appear
the owners of a "use patent" for a specific disorder could require
only "their bottle of Gamma-O" labeled by the them could be sold to a
pharmacy for a specific use.  The amount of money charged for that
of Gamma-O could perhaps be quite high, perhaps upwards of five to ten
American dollars per gram or more.  The potential for profit for
owners of
"use patents" could be astronomical if they could control the market
the help of a government "controlled substance" classification.

The FDA may have their "fingers in the pie", meaning have a financial
connection with those who could be planning on enormous future
profits.  Or
(and this is a very big possibility), or it is possible the FDA has no
intention of ever approving Gamma-O for any use and has mislead the
investors who paid for the current IND's.  This possibilitiy is easily
illustrated.  Sales of Prozac last year were said to be in excess of
billion dollars.  Eli Lilly could have very strong feelings about
becasue it may have more applications and more effectiveness than
and could easily cut substantially into Prozac sales.  Thus a powerful
motive exists for Eli Lilly officials to bribe the FDA to do whatever
necessary to prevent the public from ever knowing about Gamma-O's
properties.  Is it actually happening?  This is something to be
If it is, it would make an extraordinary news story which would likely
correct the situation immediately.

I suspect that none of this is news to you.  For me personally, it has
a difficult and painful time.  To look at this matter "straight in the
has been an eye opening experience.  The horror of it, of the thought
anyone putting the rest of humanity's "well being" on hold or in
for the purpose of private profit - - it doesn't matter that history
filled with this, the thought of it happening now still made me very

I am a person unaccustomed to standing by and letting crimes against
humanity happen.  As such I have worked with several people who have
out financial support as I mentioned to you earlier.  This support is
in the planning stages.  The primary individual who was contacted, has
to had the time to review the information sufficiently to commit to
funding.   Although this individual's interest has been "caught" and
is significant reason for hope.

It is becoming clear that the goal, (which is the only goal any decent
human being would have who has examined the facts) is for Gamma-O and
that it offers to be made available to as many people as possible
legal and financial restraints.  Any attempt to profit from this goal
beyond a marginal amount, would be equal to putting a tax on drinking
water.  A small amount of profit to fund further research could be
justified.  Yet, any attempt to control the market through illegal and
immoral governmental actions to prevent people from using Gamma-O
they pay an unreasonably high amount of money - if this is found to be
case, then such a situation gives certain words meaning, words like,
"evil", "wickedness", "greed", etc.  If anyone is working toward a
profit interest using government officials to lie to the public, then
it is
time they found some competition by those who have an altogether more
beneficial goal.

This goal of readily available Gamma-O then, is of primary importance.
This goal is the only thing that matters now.  Fighting the government
private interests holds less appeal and offers less effectiveness then
clear focus on public education.  As for me, the thought of fighting
against "foulness"  sickens the stomach and weakens me.  Whereas,
to presenting the truth with a vision in mind of universal knowledge
Gamma-O and its benefits - this strengthens me.  This is a time for
creative thought, drawing upon deep resources and determination to
ferment, develop and act to provide the World public with a vision of
possibilities, with accurate information, with a truth that sticks in

If the public at large desires to have Gamma-O available without
then the goal will be reached.  If the public wants Gamma-O, then it
be made available.  If the public realizes the truth and benefits of
Gamma-O, the public will demand it.

Of course, the ideal way for this to occur is with strong financial
support.  Here in the US, those who speak forth and provide
about Gamma-O, have done so at a price.  There are those who have been
"asked" to stop providing information.  They were asked by "politely"
"officials" to voluntarily cease to inform others of Gamma-O's uses
availability.  Those who provide information put themselves into
of higher visibility and potentially higher risk.  These people could
the future be the ones most closely observed as potential "criminals"
pay a price for their previous actions.  This oppressive "force" has
prevented many from speaking out in support of Gamma-O.  With
support, with a strong financial "gun", perhaps someone who is willing
use their wealth to shoot with good aim, with power, determination and
shrewdness.  Then, anyone with foul motives would have a very weak
and lose.  Financial support of Gamma-O can accomplish a great deal.

There are likely more than a few people who will wish to contribute
financially.  There is no need to hope for just one such person.  Many
people have a wish to "play hero".  Gamma-O offers this opportunity to
anyone who would like to spend their money to disseminate the truth in
dramatic fashion.

The time has come where the focus is becoming clear - education,
advertisement, and whatever else it takes to capture the interest of
public will achieve public support for Gamma-O.  With a public
appetite for
Gamma-O, no government will prevail against it.  Properly informed, a
majority of people will want to have Gamma-O in their homes.  Any
effort or
attention placed in service to this objective will provide enormous
benefits for everyone.  Without your contribution, it is doubtful that
these facts would be coming to light.  I applaud your work.  I will do
whatever I can to support it.

I will write more later.


(Name Deleted)

P.S.  Efforts to work with legislators has been successful to the
their attention has been gained and held.  Those individuals who have
the information provided have been helpful.  It has been challenging
to get
the attention of most.  A few public information articles that "stir
people up" will get their the polititian's attention and this is

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