Obtaining a Brain

Madhusudan Natarajan nutty at brain
Tue Mar 11 18:43:13 EST 1997

Stephen Black (sblack at UBISHOPS.CA) wrote:
: Which reminds me of the following story (excuse me, I can't help myself): 

: A researcher goes to a brain store to buy a brain. He's shown various 
: models, ranging from $100 for the brain of a psychologist to $500 for the 
: brain of a neuroscientist, with a sociologist's brain on special at $50.
: However, there's also the brain of a lawyer for sale for $2000.

: Why, the researcher wants to know, is the brain of the lawyer so
: expensive? The store-owner replies, "Because it's never been used." 

As a researcher, I must another hypothesis :-)
Its a composite brain. It takes a lot of lawyers to make up a single brain.

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