(repost) Re: oscilloscopes that interface w/computers via parallel port, etc ,

Eugene Leitl Eugene.Leitl at lrz.uni-muenchen.de
Mon Mar 17 03:12:45 EST 1997

sorry if this is a duplicate posting. the last one bounced.

On 17 Mar 1997, jacob wrote:

> I am a highschool student experimenting with crayfish giant axons, the effects 
> of chlorinated hydrocarbons and other substances on the axon potential and 
> firing rate.  
> I need some sort of storage oscilloscope, and am aware that these are expensive 
> and not plentiful.  I saw an add for a probe that interfaces with a pc from 
> radio shack.  Any idea of the quality of this?

There are plenty of PC ISA 'scope cards around, coming with Windows 
software. They are going up to 20 MHz, the cheap ones. However, since 
you will be sampling just in kHz range, why not taking a low-noise 
opamp, operating from a battery, and a sound card? Using Linux (check 
out Linux multimedia guide for sound programming) with a cheap sound 
card would appear the cheapest solution.
> Any pointers to schematics of an op-amp that could amplify the milivolt axon 
> potential?  help would be appriciated. thank you.

Alas, all my references are in Kraut. I suggest you fire up a search engine.



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