Can Applet flickering elicit epileptic attacks?

Sieu Ngu s.ngu at
Mon Mar 17 05:31:57 EST 1997

> AAARRGG! People should be responsible for themselves. People with
> photo-epilepsy should know that they should be careful of computers, just
> like someone with poor eyes should be careful of cars.
> Are we, as developers, supposed to think of EVERYTHING. Say someone has
> mouse-click-three-times-ophobia. They get to our site, it tells them to
> triple click, and they have to go to psycho-therapy for the next three
> years. Are WE supposed to be responsible for that? Should WE be paying them
> for their therapy? I think not.
> I'm NOT trying to put anyone down. I can't stress this enough. Its just
> that you can't make developers responsible for ALL eventualities.

  Not just developers, but manufacturers and McDonald restaurants as
well can't be expected to be responsible for all eventualities.

  But that's American law for you....


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