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> I'm looking for a list of all the commissurotomies ever performed, and
>all of the hemispheric specialization and disunification of consciousness 
>studies ever done on commissurotomy patients.  I suspect such a list does
>not exist, but if anyone knows of some recent sources (after Gazzaniga
>1978) that might help me create my own list, I would appreciate your
>telling me about them.

A literature search is what you need to do.  I don't know how many
commisurotomies have been performed, but most of the literature I'm
familiar with concerning split-brain patients studies the same small
group over and over -- Gazzaniga has gotten quite a lot of mileage out
of patient "J.W." especially.  Gazzaniga has a chapter in the book he
meta-edited, "The Cognitive Neurosciences", that reviews the conceptions
of consciousness that came out of work with split-brain patients over
several decades of research.  You might want to start there.

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