Head (or body!) transplants?

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>>I just saw a TV program where an american neuroscientist transplanted
>>head of one monkey into another. Well, I would like to have more info
>>about this.
>This was screened here in the uk a while ago and I read an article
about it.
>It was not as dramatic as you might think.  The monkey was paralysed
>the neck down and artificialy ventilated.  This was done back in the
'70s (I
>think) but the article suggested the researcher was back in business
>disturbed me since I consider the work unethical and of little
potential value.
>Peter Ashby                             National Institute for Medical
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I agree with Peter.  I recall seeing a photo (Life magazine?) (40-50
yrs ago) purporting to show such a transplant between dogs.

It requires just a very small amount of basic education re mammalian
anatommy, physiology, neurology, immunology, etc. (i.e. HS or undergrad
level) to understand what a thoroughly stupid idea this is.

Frank LeFever
New York Neuropsychology Group

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