Drusenn Disease

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>Have anybody any information about "Drusenn" disease ?  it is some
>sort of micro-calcifications on the optical nerves  and  I would like
>to know if there is any cure or treatment for it. 
>I will appreciate very much any information anybody can provide.

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The following was sent to me.  I believe it came from the Academy of
Opthomology site which I believe is at http://www.eyenet.org.

The following macular degeneration questions were asked during May,
1996 and have been answered by an Academy member. 


Is this a genetic disease? If there is a family history should I take
some extra precautions? What are Macular Drusen Deposits? 


There are probably many factors which affect the development of
age-related macular degeneration, but heredity is certainly a very
strong one. There is no question that your risk of developing
age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is much higher if other people
in your family have it. Some ophthalmologists would recommend
vitamin/mineral supplementation in the hope that it might slow down
progression of macular degeneration . 

Macular drusen are small deposits of material which build up over many
years beneath the retina in people with macular degeneration. They are
visible to the ophthalmologist when he or she examines your retina.
They are often the first sign of AMD. 

Hope this helps

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