Psychopharmacologist and Discussion

SAIL2XTRME sail2xtrme at
Wed Mar 19 18:53:21 EST 1997

Greetings to everyone!  : -) 

I'll skip the bullshit!

Yes, I have depression.  Yes, I've been on meds. for 7 yrs. 
As an educated biologist, I seek to further understand the neurochemical
mechanisms involved in contemporary drug-treatment theories.  Could
someone please recommend a well-known Psychopharmacologist in the
Portland/Seattle area. 
In addition, I would be happy to discuss with that person,
any current neurochemical drug-treatment theories posed by USENET groups.

I know there are a lot of educated "gurus" in here that could fire up a
healthy discussion.  I have posted this message to the following groups.

Thank you for your time and knowledge.
Mr. M

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