Can Applet flickering elicit epileptic attacks?

Anthonie Muller awjm at
Thu Mar 20 10:29:41 EST 1997

On Sat, 15 Mar 1997, Brian Jonnes wrote:

> In <5ga84a$oda at>, patcar at (Pat
> Caruthers) wrote:
> >wow.
> >a new set of questions.
> >a whole new set of potential legal pit falls....gee, thanks.
> AAARRGG! People should be responsible for themselves. People with
> photo-epilepsy should know that they should be careful of computers, just
> like someone with poor eyes should be careful of cars.
> Are we, as developers, supposed to think of EVERYTHING.
> Are WE supposed to be responsible for that? Should WE be paying them
> for their therapy? I think not.

I once gave a materials science course to dental students when of them got
an epileptic fit; I found it a rather frightening experience. 

> I'm NOT trying to put anyone down. I can't stress this enough. Its just
> that you can't make developers responsible for ALL eventualities.
I am wondering about commercial applications of the web, and then things
like these come up. It may be irritating on the short term; in the long
term it may lead however to improvements in hardware quality. 
Denial does not help.

> If I see an applet which doesn't over-ride the update() method, I want to
> throw my monitor across the room. But I don't have to. 

If you make a commerical application, people may have to ...

I just hit the left
> arrow.
> Cheers,
> Brian 

Hope I do not sound to patronizing ..

Anthonie Muller


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