Function & Adaptation of the Human Brain after severe troma

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Mon Mar 24 01:19:02 EST 1997

I am in the beginings of compiling research for a project which is being
developed by a company called Forest Fiction and have a few question for
any who might know or for any who are interested in discussing:

       The human Brain's ability to adapt and recover after damage has
been done &          the technical terms for types of physical damage in
various areas of the                brain, as well as the effects which
would be imposed on one's ability to                 consiously think and

       Medical procedures used to diagnose and treat the brain in such

       The posibilities for a consious individual with brain damage who is
mistaken          for a "vegitable" due to low brain activity and their
lack of ability to move,               speek or interact at all.

       Case studies in which this might have happened.

I would appriciate any thought, data, or discussion you can provide.
Research credit will be offered to any who provide valuable information
which is used in the final production.

Please Email Forest Fiction at:  ForestFict at

Thanks very much,                     Jacob B. Thoene

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