Explosive Books ( where can i get them)

G. North aufempen at dyson.brisnet.org.au
Wed Mar 26 20:25:11 EST 1997

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>> Does anybody know where i can get the milatery books that use to be 
>> the ones that had really cool, explosives and timers, rockets ect.
>> Are there any of these on the net? If so can someone give me the 
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>> My E-Mail Address:
>> Stephen.Morris at Virgin.Net
>try http://www.fbi.gov  I'm sure they'd be happy to answer all your
>                    hgibbons at stic.com "Hugh Gibbons"
>              Only used 10% of my brain to write this crap.

What ever your intentions are contact pyrotechnic newsgroup
Cheers   G. North

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