compartmental modeling of hippocampal pyramidal neuron

Lyle Borg-Graham lyle at
Fri Mar 28 11:57:44 EST 1997

> Does anyone know if there's a database available for building compartment
> models of pyramidal neurons (I'm especially interested in hippocampus), that
> is, web sites or detailed papers that describe lengths, diameters and
> interconnectivity pattern of the dendritic branches of a typical neuron, so
> that it can be mapped into an equivalent electrical circuit?

Check out our neuron simulator package, Surf-Hippo

Among many other things, there are about 30 or so loadable detailed
anatomy files from CA1, CA3, and dentate, kindly supplied (directly or
indirectly) by people such as Dennis Turner, Brenda Claiborne, David
Amaral, and Guy Major. Other anatomies in this distribution include
cortical cells from Rodney Douglas and Kevan Martin, an LGN relay cell
from the lab of Mark Dubin, and Purkinje cells from Muki Rapp. There
are also turnkey implementations of some published hippocampal models,
including Traub etal 1991, 1994, Warman etal, 1994, and hippocampal
pyramidal cell membrane parameters developed and described in detail
in a chapter in the upcoming Vol 12 of Cerebral Cortex - Cortical

	AUTHOR = {Borg-Graham, L.}, 	
	TITLE = {Interpretations of Data and Mechanisms for Hippocampal Pyramidal Cell Models},
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This chapter also reviews most of the hippocampal cell models to date,
along with the relevant electrophysiology. I will probably put the
preprint up for grabs soon.

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