What if we clone a human? Will the clone have it's own soul? Does soul exist?

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Sun Mar 30 20:37:04 EST 1997

In England, DNA engineers have cloned a sheep.  Then here in the USA, we
have cloned an adult monkey.  It is so amazingly strange yet intriging that
we can clone a such sophisticated life form, which genetics wise, is very
close to that of a human's.  Think of all the possibilities that cloning
has to offer, and then think of that one curious question we had when we
heard the news, "What if we clone ourselves?"  Besides the many ethical and
religious conflict it may bring to the society if that experiment takes
place, one must wonder what the product of cloning might be.  That
hackneyed word "Soul" and "Spirit", would it exist inside the cloned
physical being?  How would the cloned human compare to the original?  How
can we take advantage of this technology long been held back? 

First thing comes first.  Most people believe that we have a soul.  The
reasons are do to mostly religions and longings for afterlife.  We
distinguish ourselves from other animals in that we have the either
superior "soul that pours creativeness and feeling", or "the brain power
that can manipulate all traits of a soul".  I will not attempt to define
what a soul is, because it is impossible to just assume.  But, there is a
way to answer the question of whether a soul exists.  When a mature human
is cloned, we will see two identical physical beings.  But what about their
attributes, morality, and personality?  Would they be the same?  Would they
respond correspondingly to psychological questionaires and evalutions?  In
the psychology and physiology departments, an adult with his corpus collusm
cut, in another words, his cerebral hemispheres split longitudinally in
half, has been studied.  The result was that our brain is very distinctive
from right to left.  Simply put, a soul can be described as the CONFLICT of
the right and left side of the human's brain.  The interlocking information
between the two sides of the brain, which are both massively complex, gives
the illusion of having a physiologically separate identity.  This is one of
the psychologist's theory, but again, this can be proved only if we can
clone a human and study the subject matter from there.  This will for once
be a scientific fact that can prove whether a soul exists, which may also
tell us whether a God exists (In the bible, it saids that spirit was blown
into a human by God.) .

And how would the cloned and the original person differ?  The answer to me
is simple.  They are the same.  More same than twins in that they both have
the same contents of information in their brain.  It might be easy for
twins to grow up to be exactly alike physically, but personality wise, we
are positive that twins are psychologically different.  But clones are
same.  A clone contains all memories including the original's childhood,
past failures and victories, loves, etc.  So, would they act the same when
one is cloned?  Will they both have the same personality, choices,
preferences?  If a soul doesn't exist, then the two persons will have the
same personality for temporary.  This is because no two physical beings
will have the exact same surrounding, and different perception of their
life will overcome their likeness.  If a soul exists, I would think that
they will never be the same at any point in their life.  

How can we possibly benefit from cloning?  Well, way back in history,
farmers started mating healthier cows with another healthy one to produce a
top notch calf for milk production.  Same idea can be used for cloning.  We
can clone the finest cows, crops, pigs, chickens, trees, etc with 100%
accuracy.  In the future, we will have the technology to access cloning
domestically.  This means we can benefit the best of any life containing
items.  All depending on whether a human clone contains a soul, we can use
the clones to do the messiest jobs we would rather not do.  We will have
clones going to the war, to space, under water, etc. for explorations. 13
cloned machinery workers in 13 identical machineries, progress!  Such
technology, if a soul doesn't exist, as teleportation may be accomplished. 
Lets say you wish to visit the Netherlands directly from your house.  All
you do is stand in your booth and wait just few seconds until you get to
Netherlands.  This is how it works:  When you stand in the teleport booth,
all information needed to clone you in Netherland is transmitted through
the terminal.  Your cloned self in Netherland is now you.  The physical
body in your house is disintergrated by the booth you were in, so, there
still is only one of you.  When you wish to go back to your house, the same
process runs.  Just like that you can teleport anywhere in the world, even
in space.  Most technology comes from an older technology, and
cloning/teleportation is no exception.

Tell me about your views in human cloning.  Thanks for reading my lengthy


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