Medical students in neuroscience postgraduate programs ?

Stavros P. Zanos stavrosz at
Mon Mar 31 15:44:36 EST 1997

Hello all,

Im an undergraduate medical student (at the 4th year out of 6) with a
strong interest in basic neurosciences, and some laboratory and
computational experience. Mainly out of curiosity, I did a web search on
european and north american graduate neuroscience schools; I noticed that a
constant prerequisitive is a "strong (undergraduate) background in biology,
chemistry, physics, mathematics and behavioral sciences", leaving out (?) a
prospective student with a medical background. 

In medical school, we are trained on courses covering virtually every
aspect of current neuroscience research (bioph., biochem., mol. biol.,
neurophysiol., neuropathol., neurol., neurosurg., psychol., psych., to name
some), spending considerable time over a lab bench. Ofcourse our studies
lack the depth of those of a specialized sciences school, but my impression
is that the broadness of our training is perhaps of equal value.

Do you think a medical student with an interest in basic neuroscience, and
generally in basic sciences, could "stand a chance" among the competition
with his/her specialized colleagues from science schools, for post-graduate
training ?

Thank you for your time.

S.P. Zanos
Dpt. Experimental Physiology
Aristotle Univ. Faculty of Medicine
Thessaloniki, GREECE

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