What if we clone a human? Will the clone have it's own soul? Does soul exist?

Richard Kerr kerrr at CRYPTIC.RCH.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Mon Mar 31 06:14:06 EST 1997

  Simply put, a soul can be described as the CONFLICT of
>the right and left side of the human's brain.  The interlocking information
>between the two sides of the brain, which are both massively complex, gives
>the illusion of having a physiologically separate identity.  This is one of
>the psychologist's theory, but again, this can be proved only if we can
>clone a human and study the subject matter from there.  This will for once
>be a scientific fact that can prove whether a soul exists, which may also
>tell us whether a God exists 

soul is a matter of faith, not fact.
Besides, scientific method cannot prove that a hypothesis or theory is true,
only that it is false, or that it may be 'not false' at this point of time,
using that experiment.

>And how would the cloned and the original person differ?  The answer to me
>is simple.  They are the same.  More same than twins in that they both have
>the same contents of information in their brain.  It might be easy for
>twins to grow up to be exactly alike physically, but personality wise, we
>are positive that twins are psychologically different.  But clones are
>same.  A clone contains all memories including the original's childhood,
>past failures and victories, loves, etc.

I totally disagree.  Identical twins are GENETICALLY identical, and are
therefore the same as a clone.  How do you derive the data that clone would
not be psychologically different, as are twins?
How does a clone contain all memories of the original animals experience?
this may only be possible if memories are encoded genetically....memories go
germline ;->

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