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B21@prodigy.net <which classes should I enroll in next?>

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Thu May 1 21:38:00 EST 1997

Maybe the situation is so bad that people have to begin serious career
preparation in high school and specialize in college; but there was a
time when those four college years were your best and perhaps last
chance (until retirement?) to study anything that caught your interest.
Indeed, your better colleges asked you to try a few that had NOT caught
your interest--i.e. to see what the whole range of arts and sciences
had to offer.

Many people (I am one) come to a specialty midway through graduate
school that is far from what they imagined they wanted as

Even if you do continue in your interest in neurology/neurosurgery
(whatever), don't waste this precious opportunity to learn of things
beyond (useful or not), and to learn things about yourself.

As a neuropsychlogist (experimental and clinical), I would argue for
learning something about behavioral methodology (for that matter, basic
scientific procedure) which may get scant attention in medical
school--i.e., experimental psych and statistics; also, solid courses in
learning/perception/motivation/physiological psych (any or all)--if you
want a more practical supplement to med-school preparation for

With increasing interdisciplinary "generic" neuropsych/neuroscience
research, the situation is improving, but one still sees tooo often a
million dollars of technology yoked with two-bit "off the top of one's
head" cognitive/behavioral measures or manipulations; so any
sophistication you can get along these lines would be good.

(In contrast to work by such excellent behavioral neurologists as Ken
Heilman, Herman Buschke, Mark Desposito, et al.)

Frank LeFever
New York Neuropsychology Group

In <01bc55f8$ffc85260$5ba9edcc at fpfzqlga> "B21" <B21 at prodigy.net>
>	I'm currently a Biology major preparing to transfer to UCSD,
where I plan
>to receive my BS in Animal physiology and neuroscience.  My goal is to
>attend Med. school and become a neurosurgeon. Is this BS choice a good
>choice in preparing me for a career in neurology?  Should I take the
>demanding classes available to prepare me for Med. school?  Or should
>take it easy?  Please respond as specifically as possible, as to
>some suggestions as to what courses I should consider.  Thank you for
>					Sincerely,
>							Bat21!  

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