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alpha waves

Mike Braden cybin at gladstone.uoregon.edu
Tue May 6 01:19:24 EST 1997

It is always possible to have too much of a good thing.  Moderation
(balance) in all things is a more true ideal.  Alpha waves are generally
associated with heightened brain activity and focus.  However an excess of
alpha waves can drown out this focus causing an almost excess of focus,
almoist the desire to analyze and keep everything in focus.  The ability
to slip into a good alpha pattern is definitely a good thing. It allows
the resources of the brain to be directed where you wish.  However, as you
state, problems can ensue from staying in this area for too long.  It can
also be detrimental to not go into the other brain pattterns.  Your brain
needs a full spectrum of activity, from deep rest and trance (delta and
theta) to normal activity and 'hyperactivity' (beta and alpha).

I would suggest continuing your biofeedback treatment, it is often helpful
in helping you control unwanted brain patterns.  However, continued
problems and possibly increasing problems/effects can be indicitve of an
underlying neurological problem, and the appropriate physican should be

Hope my babble has been helpful, it is most likely full of minor errors :)
mike braden

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