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We keep asking for Congressional Hearings,brain tumors:aspartame

Betty Martini betty at noel.pd.org
Thu May 8 14:31:33 EST 1997

Dear Cyndi:
Thank you so much for writing Susan.  I hope it will help her to
understand, no matter how strong the addiction, she must simply stop.
I'm also sending a copy of this to Missy Jenkins, Newt Gingrich's
righthand gal in Washington, D.C. I want her to hear the emotional pleas
and the frustration of the victims, and know what is going on throughout
the world.  I met with Newt Gingrich about two years ago and brought him a
letter from Dr. Roberts requesting immediate congressional hearings, and
the withdrawal of aspartame from the worldwide market because of an
imminent health hazard.  

Secret trade information discussed during congressional hearings made the
statement that they had to consider complete conversion to DKP,
diketokiperazine, a brain tumor agent, and if they told the FDA they
wouldn't approve it.  The original studies where the rats developed brain
tumors from aspartame have never been replicated.  So Dr. Olney's report
which made world news should have been no surprise to the world.  If you
use a product that breaks down to a brain tumor agent, and the lab animals
develop brain tumors, what do they expect is going to happen to the
public, and it has.  

This is a huge disgrace and scandal that the mass poisoning of the
American public and 100 countries of world has been allowed because of the
power of Monsanto and their buddy, the FDA.  The FDA has displaced such
loyalty to Monsanto that when Dr. Olney's report was made public they
immediately defended Monsanto instead of consumers worldwide.  

I think I'll put this in a newsgroup too as a warning to others they must
get off of the deadly poison NutraSweet before it is too late.  The FDA
must be made to answer why they considered a pivotal study on aspartame,
SC 18862, done on 7 monkeys to have shown safety when 6 of the 7 monkeys
had grand mal seizures and the 7th died.  

We ask that all those on aspartame who have developed brain tumors to give
us their story for our brain tumor registry. On the Dorway web page below
my signature is Dr Roberts peer reviewed report on aspartame and brain

And Cyndi you are to be commended that you got your oncologist off of
aspartame.  I am sure he will warn thousands and you will be responsible.

God Bless,

On Thu, 8 May 1997, cyndi veth wrote:

 Hi Susan, I just read your e-mail to Betty Martini and her reply. God
 Bless you honey and please save your life, kick aspartame before it's to
 late. I had been using it since I was pregnant with my daughter Nicole in
 1985 due to a persistent yeast infection (which I passed to her as a
 fetus). So for 11 years I had been using it, she started at age 3 also, as
 we have a systemic yeast problem and sugar feeds yeast to reproduce.
 Anyway, last June 3rd after my 13 yr. old son, Noah, had left for Junior
 High I was watching the news in my bed as usual until 7:00am (when I would
 have got up to get Nicole up for school and me in the shower. Within 5
 minutes after Noah had told me good-bye I had a grand mal seizure  (my
 first and only & no history in the family) this continued until 8:25am
 when Nicole woke on her own & came in to grouch that I had made her miss
 the bus and she was late for school. She could not get me to respond and
 found blood comming from my mouth (I had munched my tongue pretty bad
 during the seizures). She did not want to call in a false 911, so she ran
 next door to get the neighbors, they came over and called 911, Jen took
 Nicole back to her house and called the school to get my husbands work
 number to inform him. Rick stayed with me to keep me from hurting myself
 with the convulsions until the Medics arrived. The medics could not
 control the seizure in route to the hospital (these are all things I have
 been told as I have NO memory of any of it, including the 2 previous days
 of the weekend). Once at the hospital, in E.R. they also could not control
 the seizures with Dilantion (the cadillac of seizure drugs), Vallium and
 Moriphine. They finally tied me to the gurney as I was in danger of
 hurting myself. I spent the next 2 days in intensive care and on the 3rd
 day I woke up not remembering anything and feeling like I was in a fog.
 They sent me home on seizure medication not knowing what caused it. The
 EEG, CAT Scan, EKG, chest x-rays, nothing gave them a clue. Then 2 days
 later I was to go have a MRI (they had lost the one done in the hospital),
 that was on a Friday, on Monday the Neurologist called and asked me to
 come in the next day instead of the scheduled Friday appoint. My husband
 took a lot of time off to shuttle me as they told me not to drive for 6
 months after the last seizure. At Tuesdays appointment the Doc gave us the
 news, they had discovered what cause the seizure. At 41 yrs. old I had a
 lemon size tumor in my brain behind my right eye in the front lobe, what
 they termed as a silent area in the brain. He said it did not appear to be
 cancerous but had set me up with a very good Neurosurgeon from the
 University of Washington. On June 25, 1996 they did the surgery, I spent 6
 days in Harbor View Medical Center. I came home, by this time school was
 out, and my 13 year old son, Noah and 10 year old Nicole took care of me.
 My son matured much to quickly last summer. He and his father Gary did ALL
 of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc. It was not the summer we
 were all looking forward to. This was my first summer off in 6 years. I
 had changed jobs and was now working as a Special Education Instrucional
 Assistant in an elementary school. On August 15, 1996 we made a trip back
 to Seattle for the 6 week follow up with the surgeon and were given the
 news that the Tumor Board had studied the info from the different labs
 that had gotten frozen sections of my tumor to test. It was not the kind
 of tumor they had expected. It was a mixed glioma, or oligodendroglioma,
 and one section was very aggressive. The suggestion was 1 year treatment
 of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy. I choose to ony have radiation (7
 weeks, 5 days a week). The side affects of Chemo were not acceptable (
 stroke, heart attack, impared immune system) with my kids as young as they
 are. I am told there is a good chance it will come back in 12-15 years. At
 this time I still can not go back to work due to long and short term
 memory problems and severe fatigue. Enough of me, Nicole has
 neurological problems, ADD type symptoms, behavior problems, school
 problems, and to many other to go into. In November 1996 I read about
 aspartame and the seizure/brain tumor links and it was like a bolt of
 lightning out of the blue, there is no doubt in the 3/4 of a mind I have
 left that I was poisoned by aspartame. I took printouts to my Oncologist
 last month and yesterday at my appoint. he brought them up and said he had
 read them and it "scared" him, he has quit drinking his diet Pepsi, he
 says it is hard it is so addictive but he is trying and convinced. So
 please stop, your life and the quality of it your life depends on it.

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