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F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Thu May 8 22:26:10 EST 1997

Many, many, many years ago, at Kenyon College, my philosophy prof
(Virgil Aldrich) pointed out that this is a false opposition: people
are confusing it the true opposition, Free Will vs. COERCION.

You are what you are.  There is no You outside of what you are trying
to change what your brain is doing.  It's You that's doing whatever
you're doing.

As regards the old nonsense re free=random: what would there be to BE
free if there was nothing determined?  (THAT kind of "freedom" is like
"nothing left to lose"--and a mind is a terrible thing to lose!)

As regards the old nonsense re free=isolated from influence.  You are
the current product of a long, long, history of interaction between
"you" (begining with your sperm and egg ancestors/components) and
EVERYTHING else.  This is what gives you your structure and function. 
This is what makes you "You".  (n.b. the whole story is NOT written in
the genes; the story is the interaction between what is becoming You
and what you are interacting with--chiefly different parts of YOU, 

Don't worry about it.  Just do whatever you feel like doing.

Frank LeFever
New York Neuropsychology Group

In <863079891.27683 at dejanews.com> hefeng at cz3.nus.sg writes: 
>Is there really free will?
>Many would answer yes. When someone said he made a decision, he meant
>he CHOSE to make that decision, there is nothing that could stop him
if he
>didn't want to stop.
>This puzzles me a bit. Is the brain a deterministic mechine at the
>level? If so, there will be no free will at all, our thoughts are all
>results of physics laws! Maybe we think we can make whatever decisions
>feel like to but in fact we can't?
>Maybe the brain is not deterministic and owns that to quantum
>Or maybe the extreme complexity of the brain has something to do with
>apparent uncertainty in our thinking?
>And do we really have control over our thoughts? Have you ever tried
>forget something?
>He Feng
>e904952p at hjc.edu.sg
>ps If it's not too much trouble, please drop me a line at the above
>address if you'd like to post something about my article. My school
>doesn't have access to Usenet so it's sometimes difficult for me to
>track of the discussion. Thank you.
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