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Plant Communication

Peter Kerr p.kerr.unknown at host.auckland.ac.nz
Wed May 14 20:22:00 EST 1997

gord at homostudy.win-uk.net (G K GRAY) wrote:
> A plant in bloom needs pollination to generate seed for the next
> generation. A costly way of doing this is to make a lot of pollen
> and let it blow on the wind, which is the way with maize. Less
> costly is to make less pollen *and* a cheap attractant - nectar,
> which says in effect "Come and get it!" to the bees, making them
> do some of the work the plant would otherwise be doing. It does not
> imply the plant is *consciously thinking* although that is a
> different subject that may or may not be relevant. It is
> nevertheless communication, a transfer of *information*, being
> closely akin to advertising.

What information is being transferred? and to whom?
A simple explanation would be that the plant is telling the bee:
here's a reward for doing my pollination
but is it that simple?

Some plants leaf litter contains substances toxic to other species.
Is this a warning to them, or simply a survival tactic?

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